How do I assign additional SQL logins to my SQL 2005 database?


This document details the step-by-step instructions on how to assign a SQL login to a database.

  • Use the SQL Login Manager to create a new MS SQL user in the MS SQL 2005 Manager section of the hosting control panel
  • Connect to the database using SQL Server Management Studio with your primary login
  • Expand the Databases node
  • Locate the database to which you want to add the new SQL Login and expand the node
  • Expand the Security Node
  • Right click on the Users node and select "New User..."
  • In the Database User Properties
    • Type the username you want to assign to this login in the "User name" textbox
    • Type the login you want to assign to the database in the "Login name" textbox
    • In the Database role membership, select the role you want to grant this user.
  • Click OK
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