File Manager

The file manager allows you to fully interact with the server's file system.?You can navigate, copy, move, rename, delete files and folders; change?permissions; create new files and folders;?upload, zip, unzip?files through your web browser.

Starting File Manager

To open the file manager, click File Manager menu item in the?left?menu pane of the appropriate hosting space.??


Navigating through folders is accomplished by clicking on the folder name. You can also navigate through folders using breadcrumb pane.?

link at the left corner of the breadcrumb?will always return you to the highest possible directory within your space.?

Copying Files / Folders

The file manager makes it easy to copy files between folders.?The first step is to navigate to the source directory.?That is, go into the directory you want to copy files from.?Second, select?files/folders you want to copy using check boxes.

Then,?browse and choose the destination directory from the dropdown box.??

Finally, click Copy button.

Moving Files / Folders

To move files, use the same procedure as copying files, except click?Move button instead of?Copy button.

Renaming Files / Folders?

Click the?Rename icon?next to the file or folder you wish to rename. Rename File / Folder screen will open.

Type?the new file name and click Rename button.?

Deleting Files / Folders

First, select?files /?folders you wish to delete using check boxes.?Then, click?the Delete?button.? Confirmation screen?will open.??

Finally, click the Delete button.

Please note that deleting a directory also erases everything inside of it.

Changing File / Folder?Permissions

Click the?Permissions icon?link next to the file or folder you wish to change.?File / Folder Permissions screen will open.

Check all necessary permissions and click?Set Permissions button.?

Creating New Folder?

Creating a new folder is very simple.? First, navigate to the directory where you want the new folder to be. Next, click?the Create Folder?button. Create Folder screen will open.??

Finally, type?a new?folder name?and click?Create button.

Creating New File

First, navigate to the directory where you want to create a?new file. Next, click?Create File?button. Create File screen will open.??

Type?a new?file?name?and optionally file content. Finally, click?Create button.

Uploading File

First, navigate to the directory where you want to upload a?file. Next, click?the Upload?button. Upload File screen will open.??

Click Browse button and select your local?file to upload. Finally, click?Upload button.

Creating Access Database

First, navigate to the directory where you want to create a?new database. Next, click?Create Access DB?button. Create Access Database screen will open.??

Type?database name?and?click?Create button.

Zipping Files / Folders

First, select?files /?folders you wish to zip using check boxes.?Then, click?Zip button.? Zip Files screen?will open.??

Type zip file name?and click Zip button. New zip file will be created in the current directory.

Unzipping Files

First, copy necessary zip file(s) to the directory where you want the extracted files?to be. Then, select?zip file(s) to extract using check boxes. Finally,?click?UnZip button.? All files/folders from the selected zip file(s) will be extracted to the current directory.

Calculating Disk Space

To calculate disk space, just click?Calculate Diskspace button located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Message box will open.??

Click OK button to recalculate disk space.?

Note that recalculating task will be?performed asynchronously and a new disk space value will be availble in a few minutes.

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